Sarah Cornley, Teacher, Early Years Lead

by | Dec 5, 2022 | Testimonials

I want to start with a huge thank you to Lucy. I had a coaching session with her prior to an interview for a job promotion that I knew I was suitably skilled for and was keen to get. However, interviews filled me with dread and I often found myself talking away, going off at tangents and generally getting more and more panicked! I had an initial consultation with Lucy in which she asked questions to find out more about my specific area of need. She put me completely at ease and also got me thinking about my experiences and why I behaved in certain ways and how I could make positive changes with regards to this. I then had a longer coaching session which was fantastic. Lucy had clearly done her research in my field and therefore asked me questions pertinent to the role I wanted to move into. 

She was patient and positive and led me through the steps in giving succinct but yet informative interview answers. Through her guidance I developed my self confidence and ability to control my emotions, an excellent strategy to be able to use throughout my interview and other stressful situations. My interview was a full day of tasks and as a result of Lucy’s coaching, I was able to remain calm and positive throughout which was a massive success to me, regardless of the outcome. Further to this, I was overjoyed to receive a phonecall offering me the position. My session with Lucy was definitely a integral part of this and I have gone on to use what a learnt in my new role due to the fast paced, intense environment in which I work. I cannot speak highly enough of Lucy and her ability to coach and develop individuals. Thank you Lucy. 

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