Quick Guide to Balancing Your Business and Life

by | Jan 18, 2017 | News

The Wheel of Life is a great exercise to complete in January to help you create more success and balance in your life. It gives you a vivid visual representation of the way your life is currently, compared with the way you’d ideally like it to be.

1) Brainstorm eight or more areas of your life that are important to you (Partner, Father/Mother, Career, Money, Hobbies etc..) and change them on the example below where necessary.

2) Mark an x on each spoke of the wheel to indicate how content you are with that area of your life.  Join up the marks to see how your life wheel looks.

3) Now mark your ideal scores/levels of attention.

4) Now you have a visual representation of your current life balance and your ideal life balance. Where are the gaps?  Identify the areas that need attention: some will be lacking and some you will be giving too much.

5) Starting with the neglected areas what things can you do to redress the balance?  Write goals on a to do list in order to redirect your time and energy into the areas that need it most.

Once you start work on your goals, you can use this tool to monitor your life balance over time.

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