What's Involved

This programme helps you attract, develop and hold onto the right people for your company.

Step 1

Attract and recruit

Once we’ve liaised and I understand your company’s values I can look at how your recruitment process reflects these. Using tools such as competency frameworks, interview decks and competency interviewing we will ensure the people you recruit are the right fit for you and your business.

Step 2


Now that you have carefully selected the right candidate it is important that they quickly feel part of the team and valued. Regardless of their position an induction that has had some thought put into it will ensure that they settle in, are clear about any expectations and therefore able to deliver results swiftly and contribute to the bottom line. Once settled in, it is important to continue to develop and hold onto your employees. Using appraisals, reviews and performance development plans, these tools will lead to discussions where strengths are identified and plans put in place to utilise these to the full. Other motivational/skills workshops can be delivered to help your team reach their full potential.

Step 3


High standards of internal customer experience can really make a difference to your retention rates. How can you achieve this? With regular employee engagement surveys and, even more importantly monthly one to ones. If your employees trust you, are listened to and you act on their suggestions, where you can, then your retention rates will sky rocket. Regular monthly coaching conversations can help to manage performance, challenge and motivate and keep you on top of communication (and any unrest) with your team. If there is a need we can look at conflict management to ensure that your employees are working together effectively. This process will attract and develop a close knit team that will enhance loyalty within the business.