It’s true we should be kinder:I’m trying it for Lent

When, on a weekend away with my sisters and Mum I confessed that I didn’t think the word kindness would feature should my friends compose a […]

Emma Gaudern, Managing Director of EMG Solicitors

  We first engaged Lucy as a firm in order to help run our directorship programme. She quickly gained a feel for our brand and values, […]

Jemma Morland, Director, EMG Solicitors

Thank you so much for delivering an extremely interesting and valuable course that could not have come at a more pertinent time.  You were very informative […]

How to Tell if Your Emotional Bank Account is Overdrawn

Stephen Covey (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People) uses the metaphor of the Emotional Bank Account to describe “the amount of trust that’s been built […]