Lucy is the owner and director of ThinkCap Coaching. After 25 years experience working in different businesses: theatre, comedy, film, adventure travel, coffee and welfare to work Lucy decided to set up a coaching and consulting business based in Durham. Lucy pulls on experience from her past to assist her in coaching and consulting. As an expedition leader of an adventure travel company she has lead treks worldwide including K2 and Everest Base camp which required her to sleep on glaciers, skin llamas and build stretchers to evacuate clients.

Lucy worked with people and teams of many different cultures; she found a way to connect with people and to really listen which helps her understand how and where people fit in and how their skills and strengths can be best utilised in the work place.

Lucy then went on to work as a director for Starbucks responsible for 70+ stores in London City. Working for a large corporate company enables Lucy to take the tried and trusted processes used by large, successful corporations and implement them in a practical way to benefit smaller businesses. Lucy then moved to the North East and became a director of A4e, responsible for 10+ offices drawing down government funding to help the unemployed move into employment.

Lucy worked with stakeholders in the public and private sector and was responsible for designing and implementing quality assurance processes.
After starting a family Lucy decided to set up her own business in executive coaching. Lucy has a degree in Business Management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing.


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