What was the role?

Area Delivery Manager at A4e (now PeoplePlus)

What experience did I gain from it?

There was a restructure internally at A4e which required that I report into a new boss who had quite a different (micro) management style to my former boss. Our relationship was difficult. My place of work was providing a coach for me and we worked together on improving my relationship with my new boss. Using a strategy of frequent contact, visualisation and transactional analysis techniques my relationship with my boss was transformed from one of conflict and clashes to one in which I had complete autonomy to take decisions and a relationship of trust and respect.

Why is it an anchor moment?

I realised that I had unwittingly let my boss's behaviour impact my actions and behaviours at work. Going through this helped me understand how overwhelming conflict can be at work and how effective coaching can be in overturning difficult business relationships.