What was the role?

District Manager at Starbucks

What experience did I gain from it?

I had been at Starbucks for about 18 months when I was shortlisted for the post of Operations Director. Each of the final three candidates had to complete a project before the next round of interviews. My project was to get feedback from peers who worked in the same region as me. This was quite a difficult ask as some of my peers had worked for Starbucks for over 10 years and coveted the position of Director. I arranged one to one meetings with five of my peers and asked them for open and honest feedback with the aim of helping my personal development for the role of Director.  

Why is it an anchor moment?

The meetings were all very fruitful, in that I learned things about myself of which I was not aware.  I realised how important it is to get feedback from others in order to understand how you are perceived and interpreted.  It will always be differently to how you think you come across!