What was the role?

Box Office Manager for Gilded Balloon (one of the largest and well known comedy venues at Edinburgh Festival Fringe)

What experience did I gain from it?

It was one of my responsibilities to communicate sales pre and post show. As the venue often had up to 20 performances a day it was difficult dealing with the demands of the actors who were 'buzzing' from being on stage and could come across quite aggressively, making demands from the box office team who found the situation very stressful. I put a system in place which ensured that they could access the information they required on a daily basis away from the box office. This benefited the comedians, box office team and myself.

Why is it an anchor moment?

I understood that the actors were acting inappropriately as they didn't feel informed. Once a system was put in place which gave them the information they required their behaviour changed for the better as they felt empowered.