I love climbing hills especially in the West Coast of Scotland where you get fabulous views of the mountains and sea - it gives me a fresh sense of perspective. You can generally find me standing on a chair in order to get a different viewpoint on a work problem. Looking down on problems from a height, helps me see the big picture and understand how I can reengineer the business so that all the cogs are running smoothy.

Getting a blast of fresh air, allows me to switch off and I find that it is at these times that great ideas and solutions present themselves. Repetitive tasks such as cycling or walking allows me the space for creative thoughts.

Having been lucky enough to have travelled extensively as an expedition leader and worked with people of many different cultures I have an innate understanding of what makes people tick, allowing me to get the very best out of them. I listen to people allowing me to understand where they fit in and how their talents can be utilised to create a positive change for both them and the business.

I I have worked in businesses across different industries which has given me a unique insight into the different challenges that businesses face. This helps me be creative in the way that I help small and medium enterprises flourish and having experienced various methods of working I can develop the best way for your organisation. I really enjoy inspiring and motivating businesses to think differently which makes them stand out from the crowd and moves them on through challenging times.

The charity I chose to support is the Soil Association as we share the common values of transforming the way we farm, eat and care for the natural world.