Career Coaching

I help you find a clear way forward by supporting you further your career: providing Career Coaching including application and CV support, interview and presentation coaching and promotion at work including transitioning into new roles.


Are you at a cross roads and unsure what your next chapter looks like? Are you currently working but want to make changes? Perhaps you are thinking about setting up your own business? I can help you find a clear way forward always with an eye on the end goal to help you solve your challenges with manageable steps.


I deliver leadership programmes to help managers and their teams become better leaders and communicators covering areas such as team building, leadership skills, performance management and people development & how to manage challenging conversations.

What Clients Have Said

Thank you so much for delivering an extremely interesting and valuable course that could not have come at a more pertinent time. You were very informative and encouraging and I would jump at the opportunity to work with you again!

Jemma Morland

Director, EMG Solicitors

Lucy has an amazing grasp of people – of course, everyone is different! However she was able to understand, and even better, explain to me the situation I was living – from a ‘helicopter view’.If you ever want to know more about YOU and how to succeed in life/work – I highly recommend that you take time to have a coffee and a chat with Lucy

Russell Mills

Marketing and Sales

Due to the recent speedy growth of our firm, Lucy was brought in to lead some coaching sessions with our new team leaders on leadership and management skills. Lucy did such a marvellous job she was brought back to do some 121 coaching sessions with certain members of staff where they wanted to further their leadership skills even more using Lucy as a mentor – I was one of those lucky leaders. Not only did Lucy coach me through certain skills she also helped me recognise life events that made me react in certain ways, for example my lack of confidence during presentations and how to overcome those fears – it all made total sense once the link was found. I would not hesitate to contact Lucy again should I have an area of weakness (whether at work or personal) as she seems to have all the answers, thanks Lucy!

Jane Purvis

EMG Solicitors


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